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Collective Municipality of Speicher

The collective municipality of Speicher lies on a 350 meter plateau, encircled by the charming and picturesque Kyll river valley and a large forest area. It belongs to the south west portion of the county of Bitburg-Pruem in the immediate neighborhood of Luxembourg. In an area of 60 square kilometers, it encompasses the towns of Auw on the Kyll, Beilingen, Herforst, Hosten, Orenhofen, Philippsheim, Preist, Spangdahlem and Speicher with a total of 8,300 registered citizens and approximately 6,000 members of the U.S. Forces of Spangdahlem Air Base.

The collective municipality possesses good infrastructure and is centrally positioned near the major center of Trier and the medium size centers of Bitburg and Wittlich. The autobahn A-60 provides exceptionally favorable inter-regional transportation connections with its exit Speicher/Spangdahlem. In addition, Speicher’s train station lies on the Trier – Cologne line.

In addition to basic provisions available through diverse shopping possibilities, there are many public facilities. Sports activities and rest and recreation are foremost in the collective municipality of Speicher. Besides the many sport facilities, tennis courts, and sport fields, the school’s pool is open to the public. Many organizations offer a wide variety of leisure activities.

In addition to cycling and hiking paths, there is a Nordic walking park in an area full of forests. The scenic routes have varying degrees of difficulty. A special attraction is the Kyll valley cycling path that passes through a picturesque forest and river landscape. This bike path connects the state of Nordrhein Westfalen to the Mosel Valley and has major importance for tourism. It is very popular among young cyclists since it is away from bustling traffic.

Several traditional annual events attract many visitors to the community: The Easter Market, the Trade Fair in May, the Fall Market on the first Thursday in October, and the Farmers’ Market. Also worth mentioning is the culturally attractive local history museum in Speicher which provides interesting insight to the various facets of life in “bygone days”, as well as local history. The PLEWA ceramics museum gives a retrospect on the history of pottery. Pottery is still made by hand on the potter’s wheel. Tours can be arranged.

In the individual local municipalities, the community houses, i.e. the grill huts, can be used for private parties.

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54662 Speicher
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